Collaration Collars for Discerning Dogs.

The martingale collar is made with two loops. The collar is slipped over the dog's head onto the neck then a leash is clipped to the ring on the smaller loop. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taut reducing the size of the larger loop around the neck, this results in greater control for the handler and prevents escape by the dog from backing out of the collar. Martingales are a kinder action, half check on your dog but effective for control and look fabulous.
With correct fitting the collar remains comfortably loose on the neck when not in use.

This martingale is full material one, soft and pliable but strong with a canvas/web core for strength and endurance.

All attachments are triple stitched for strength and durability, the d ring lead attachment is welded and each collar is treated with a pet friendly fabric protector and can be washed.

The collar featured is Medium size in my style A: 38mm width with a 32mm small loop. A matching lead is also available.
Available in blue and green also - Listed as Fiesta Lime

The collars can be made in different widths 38mm (1 1/2') , 32mm (1 1/4') or 25mm (1')

I have 2 different styles A & B , any of my collars can be made in either style so if you have a preference please message me. If not I will make the one featured in the listing.

STYLE A : The martingale loop is 6mm (1/4") narrower than the main collar loop and is attached to the main loop with dee rings - this allows movement on the neck when not in use
STYLE B : The martingale loop and main collar are the same width all round and are attached by triglides (slides) _ the more traditional martingale collar

SIZES (smallest circumference to largest)
Petite 25cm to 33cm - 9' to 13' (25mm width only)
Small 28cm to 39cm - 11' to 15' ( 25mm or 32mm width only)
Medium 34cm to 47cm - 13' to 18'
Large 40cm to 57cm - 15' to 22'
X-Large 46cm to 66cm - 18' - 26'

Please select size and width when ordering or contact me for advice if you are unsure

These can be custom made if a larger/smaller circumference is required.

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