What is a Giclee

Defining what is a "Digital Fine Art Print"
This article focuses on the New Zealand market for high quality digital prints using very high resolution files printing onto superior quality substrates (such as 100% cotton rag paper) where the printers are aiming for the very best colour reproduction and print longevity.  This end of the market provides both the greatest long
term value for customers buying purely for home or office decoration and also the best opportunities for early collectors of the work of contemporary New Zealand printmakers using digital printing. 

NZ Art Print News asked Hamish Bayly of art publisher Image Vault about the differences between prints advertised as a "giclee" or "digital" or "inkjet". He told us that "these terms really amount to the same thing, though the word giclee assumes a higher level of technical ability has been employed to achieve the final result. There is much conjecture as to how the term giclee came about - but as I understand it, it was really coined to differentiate between standard printing, and the high end product resulting from following delicate procedures to faithfully replicate an artwork. I think it is as well to be a little wary as giclee has probably been used a little...optimistically shall we say by some! In general, price is an indicator...as with everything, good things take time!"